This post is about a Space Clearing process at Anette and Alex on Funen Island, Denmark. Read about the choice of method, preparations for Space Clearing, the actual Clearing process and Anette’s experience during the actual Clearing process.

Last week I was contacted by Anette, who talked about a lot of hassles and inexplicable energies in her home. A year ago she bought an older proprietary farm on Funen with her husband. Her old dream about moving to the country to start a retreat centre  was now a reality.

Unforeseen challenges in the new home

One of the challenges after moving in has been that several things turned out to provide an unforeseen and unrealistic time consumption. They have struggled with resistance and Anette feels that there may be something on the property that somehow binds their progress. They experience a particularly heavy or sad mood in one of the house’s rooms, and have sought info about the house’s former owners.

They are confirmed that the previous owner was an unfriendly gentleman who had violated the place and that there were some stories about the wife or mother. On top of that, they knew that the couple that Anette and Alex bought the place from were separated in the renovation process. Not so good odds.

The place also has amazing nature, lies close to the sea, has a large beautiful building and a nice, large garden. Lots of options and lovely neighbors.

Choice of Space Clearing method

I totally agree that there is reason to take action to diminish the negative things that Anette and Alex experience. The energy and the events that has occurred on a property stays in the energy field of the place and can add to difficulties for those who are unaware of this and come to live there and to make their dreams real.

I suggest we start with the Space Clearing process that I call Co-Creative Space Clearing. This beautiful process works with the energy of the whole property and collaborates with nature’s spirits to clear all negative, unwanted and abandoned energies. The process can be done without visiting the site physically, so it was quite easy to set a time, even though we live 2 hours apart.

That way, we take one step at a time and Anette and Alex can experience what this clearing does to the energy of the place and whether it solves the problems. In the Co-creative Clearing process, I do not work with each single room, it is a more overall house clearing. It doesn´t get into the personal process the way I do in the Elemental Space Clearing process. But I have the feeling that it is the property itself that needs to uninstall some old programs and replace them with new, positive and life-affirming energies.

The day of the Space Clearing

Space Clearing ritualOn the day of clearing I tune in to Anette and Alex’s place. I collect these things from nature to help with the Space Clearing process:

  • Black Tourmaline crystal which cleanses the energy, transforms fear into calm and confidence.
  • Lavendelolie which reduces stress, provides both physical and emotional relaxation.
  • Rosengeranie olie which release negative memories and promote peace and well-being.
  • Snowdrops which symbolizes new beginnings, hope and purity.
  • Red Aventurine crystalfor joy of life..
  • Tibetan singing bowl and Balinese Space Clearing bell.

I text Anette just before I begin the Space Clearing meditation, and then I just get started. I sit with my eyes closed and go into a meditative state where I follow the clearing journey. Along the way I receive pictures and feelings that have to do with the property. I do not want to describe the details here on the blog – instead I let Anette tell about her experience below.

Normally, I ask those who receive a distance Space Clearing to just be aware that clearing is in progress. You do not have to be at home and you do not have to do anything.

Anette´s experience during their Space Clearing process

Anette says:

I  was expecting a visit from a friend the morning when the clearing was supposed to be. But this was postponed shortly before I received the SMS from Joyann that the clearing started. Instead, I sat up on the first floor, overlooking the water, and just looked and was present. A few minutes after the clearing started, I get tears in my eyes – I don’t know why. Something just happened.

After the space clearing I just had the feeling that something new had happened. I don’t really know what it was. Lightness.

The day after the clearing I had a feeling of a physical change in my head. I spent a few hours reading and studying online, and that was no problem at all – and it usually is.”

We talk a little about the pdf I emailed Anette and Alex after the clearing. Here I describe what I experienced as I did the clearing process. Among other things. I received the image/sense of the  SPIRIT or DEVA of the property as a large, white lily, which was completely open up towards the sky and which had a nice, green stem as I was shown that it is rooted at the property. Then the tears flowed again ..

”What you wrote about the authorities and about being able to do it all by myself really hit me….Anette replied.

And when I read about the lily, as iI imagined the image, I came to think of something that happened in my life many years ago. I lived in an old house, which I and my then husband were about to establish. My grandmother came to visit, and she brought lily bulbs, that we planted in our patio. My grandmother meant a lot to me (she has passed away now). Several years later, after my husband died and I moved to Odense, I took the lily bulbs with me and planted them in the garden near the lawn. Unfortunately, Alex ran over them with the mower and the bulbs didn´t survive, and I couldn´t bring them to our current home.

Now the lilies has returned.”

During the clearing I was repeatedly “pulled” towards the right side of the home. I didn´t have a floor plan and didn’t know the interior of the house and the rooms. Anette had just told me that they had experienced an unexplained heavy and sad energy in the bedroom. When I ask what is on the right side of the house it is…. the bedroom.

I have sent a Space Clearing spray to Funen which can be used to further clear the energy of this room.

Anette adds that when her friend came to visit later in the day, he spontaneously said, “There is a different energy here than usual.”