What is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing includes balancing the invisible energy of a place, cleansing old, heavy energy, and anchoring new, positive intentions and energies.

The concept of Space Clearing was originally “invented” by Denise Linn, who is a pioneer in Feng Shui and Space Clearing, over 40 years ago. Subsequently, the name has become stuck, and is generally used to work with transformation and renewal of the energy in a home or workplace.

In Denmark, the word Space Clearing is often confused with clutter clearing. Clearing your clutter is an important step in renewing the energy, the mood, the feeling in a home or business, and clutter clearing itself can be super-transforming and uplifting.

Please note: This type of Space Clearing is not just a cleansing of spirits and deceased. I practice a comprehensive process called Elemental Space Clearing®, which cleans and clears all kinds of heavy, old energy.

Space Clearing erases old programs and patterns

Space Clearing is a deeper process in which the energy is completely deliberately and purposefully cleaned. The Space Clearing process is a lot like erasing old programs on a computer and then installing a new, updated system that can provide the desired result.

Old programs can be thought and emotional patterns that have been repeated in the home, either by current or former residents. You probably want to delete patterns and energy that are about unrest, insecurity, physical or mental violence, poverty awareness, lack of awareness, fear, physical illness, manipulation, loneliness and so on.

If a place is characterized by such an old energy pattern, it can be difficult for the residents to move on, even if one really wants it and works towards something new. It’s as if the patterns are stuck in the walls (and they actually are!).

Space Clearing installs new, positive programs 

A Space Clearing session doesn’t just delete the old energy forms. We also install new programs so that space is filled with new, positive energy. It could be love, well-being, intuitive openness, clear communication, lightness, abundance, security, community feeling, flow or joy.

In this way, the home or workplace, or whatever place we work with, gets a new direction, a fresh energy, a positive blueprint. And it can be felt, quite specifically.

After a Space Clearing session, the place will feel lighter, brighter and more open. The colors become clear, the air feels fresh, everything shines with a new energy. Life will be much easier by floating in the direction you want and the tendency to get stuck in old patterns becomes much less.

When to use Space Clearing

Generally, you can choose to Space Clear your home or part of it anytime and anywhere, as there will always be energy that can be released and transformed.

You can do a short energy clearing at your home yourself, for example, after the weekly cleaning or in the morning before starting your day. You could use a Space Clearing Spray, a bell, a singing bowl or a mantra.

Professional Space Clearing can be recommended when a “main cleaning” is needed and when new things happen in life, for example:

  • Before the start of a construction project. Here, the actual land is cleared so that peace and harmony are created in relation to the area’s energies and previous use of the place.
  • Before moving into a new home. You probably do not want to start life the new place in the energy of the former residents. The home is cleaned and a personal intention is set for your new life in this home.
  • After accidents, illness, quarrels, divorces and other dramatic events. Negative and heavy feelings like anger, sadness and pain settle into the home and will adversely affect the residents. A Space Clearing session removes the heavy energy and sets a new direction, making it easier to breathe, move forward, and regain the joy of life.
  • When new family members report their arrival – at birth or adoption. The energy in the home is cleared with the intention of a loving, peaceful and safe start for the new life.
  • Whenever you and your family need a boost. For example, Space Clearing can be used as a deeper spring cleaning, at solstice, at birthdays – or just when you feel it is needed.

Your home can become a wonderful sanctuary  ♥