Unakite 108 Bead Mala with Angel Pendant and Rudraksha

108 beads Mala Necklace with Unakite and Rudraksha beads and larger carnelian guru bead. Brass Angel pendant.

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A heart-opening Magic Mala that supports your intentions of peace, love and forgiveness.

Length: 86 cm + 7 cm to finish beads and angel pendant.

The stones are 6 mm in diameter, the Mala is tied with strong pearl wire and the angel pendant is nickel-free metal. The guru bead is a Carnelian.


Unakit calls on love, kindness and compassion. The green color works on the heart chaka, and unakite is known to help around emotional healing.

Unakite’s Message: Follow your dreams, take action on what you really want in life. Let go of old painful experiences and memories so you can be present, here and now.


The small light brown Rudraksha beads are seeds from a plant from India. Rudraksha has a protective effect.