Tiger´s Eye Mala with Amber Guru Bead


Tiger´s Eye Mala  for focus, optimism and personal power. The Mala beads are  8mm gemstones and it has a  pastel yellow cotton tassel.

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Mala for power, focus and clarity.

Manifestation requires action.

This beautiful mala necklace is created with gemstones from my ABUNDANCE series that supports abundance, manifestation and wealth.

  • Tiger Eye gives focus and fills you with confidence and optimism. The beautiful stone with the golden markings will help increase your self-esteem and let go of fear and worry. Tiger Eye helps you achieve your goals by enhancing your focus and creativity.
  • Citrine strengthens your confidence and helps you attract all good things.
  • Pyrite is a  powerful prosperity gemstone that helps with the manifestation of money and everything that makes you feel rich.
  • The Guru bead (above the tassel) is a piece of amber that provides clarity and insight.

Mala size

The  beads in this mala necklace are 8mm in diameter. The mala is 103 cm long and reaches down around the navel area. The tassel is made of cotton.