Sugilite Kumihimo Bracelet


Bracelet in the Japanese Kumihimo technique. The purple gemstone beads are Sugilite, which include helps to relieve stress and increase the positive emotions. Wrist size 16-17 cm.

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Beautiful purple braided bracelet with Sugilite gemstones and gold colored metal beads and buckle.


This beautiful purple gemstones helps to relieve stress and increase the positive feelings. Sugilite gives peace of mind. It heals emotional imbalance and restlessness and helps you to release worry. It protects your energy and helps to reject negative energy from the surroundings.

The sugilite is associated with the healing violet flame that you can call on when you need cleansing and protective energy.

Sugilite opens your top chakras – pinal, crown and soul-star chakra. It increases your mental and healing abilities and it simultaneously balances all of your chakras.