Red Coral Kuminimo Angel Bracelet


Bracelet in the Japanese Kumihimo technique, with red coral and silver-colored angel pendant, small pearls + buckle also silver-colored metal. Wrist size 16-17 cm.

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Wrist size 16-17 cm.

Red Coral

Corals are skeletal from marine animals, and help you get in touch with the ocean’s energy.

The red coral works with your root chakra. Physically, it’s bones, blood, fertility and energy, the root chakra is your relationship to security, money, survival and the feeling of support, fundamentally.

The coral absorbs negative energy and protects you. The red color is at the same time activating and can help you out of depressive feelings.

It awakens passion, enthusiasm and optimism. Also calls for romantic love, peace and harmonious feelings.

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