Purification Bracelet no. 3


Purification bracelet that will renew your energy much like as a spring cleaning.



This bracelet will renew your energy in the same way as a spring cleaning. Purification jewelry is super good to wear after illness or if you feel a little tired, drained or stressed. Purification bracelets are also really good to use during travel and when you are for meetings, workshops, events and family events.

The colors are neutral in black / white / brown tones, added a little green / orange spice. This bracelet (No. 3) emphasizes the Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Unakite, with some black tourmaline to support the transformation from unreleased energy to light.

The Purification gemstones in this bracelet are

  • Clear quartz that enhances the energy of the other gemstones.
  • Black Tourmaline is for the deep cleanse, I almost always use Black Tourmaline for Space Clearing.
  • Smokey quartz repels negative energy and increases your confidence.
  • Unakite purges toxic energy from old, emotional wounds and unresolved anger.

The gemstone beads are 6mm in diameter. The center metal bead is STERLING SILVER.
The bracelet has a strong elastic.

You can use Purification Space Clearing spray to enhance the effect of Purification jewelry. In this way, you cleanse and renew your personal energy and space around you.

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