Morganite Mala Necklace with Merkaba Star

Morganite balances the heart and heart chakra. The beads are 6 mm in diameter and the mala necklace is 80 cm long. 

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I love working with morganite!

I feel a strong light and a very gentle and loving energy in these beautiful, pastel-colored morganite stones.

It’s the pink beads in the mala that´s called Morganite. All the beads, both pink, blue, green, yellow and golden, are Beryls, but the pink has got the name Morganite after an American banker, who was also interested in magic and mineralogy.

All morganite stones – in all colors – increase the ability to connect and receive guidance from angels and spiritual guides, helping us feel the support of Spirit on the emotional level.

The pink morganite balances the heart and heart chakra. It cleans the emotional body for stress and old trauma and gives you the feeling that someone lifts the burdens of our soul. Morganite gives us contact with spiritual compassion and lets us see that pain and trauma are ways of growth that can be transformed into peace and trust.

The pendant is a star tetrahedron, a Merkaba Star, that is cut into clear quartz. A Merkaba Star adds a shining shield around you.

The beads are 6 mm in diameter and the mala necklace is 80 cm long. The pendant with the quartz Merkaba star measures 3.9 cm.