Magic Bracelets with Unakite and Rudraksha – set of 2

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Set of 2 matching magic bracelets. Unakite and Rudraksha.

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Here you get a set of two matching bracelets. They can be combined with more elastic bracelets or gold/silver bracelets to give you a yoga bohemian look.

The magic bracelets can be encoded with your positive intentions and they will support you and send you energy all day long. Unakit bracelets are particularly good at intentions about “matters of the heart” – and peace, love and forgiveness.

The bracelet with the buddha head consists of 27 beads (4 mm) – which corresponds to 1/4 of the 108 beads in a grind. Therefore, this bracelet is called a mala-bracelet. The other bracelet has more beads, which are 3mm in diameter.

The bracelets have strong elasticity.


Unakit calls on love, kindness and compassion. The green color works on the heart chaka, and unakite is known to help around emotional healing.

Unakite’s Message: Follow your dreams, take action on what you really want in life. Let go of old painful experiences and memories so you can be present, here and now.


The small light brown Rudraksha beads are seeds from a plant from India. Rudraksha has a protective effect.

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