Lavastone and Phrenite mala


Opens you to receive the support of the Universe and provide stability and grounding.

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This mala bead neacklace will help you stay grounded while you open yourself to receive support from your Universal Guide Team.


The black lavastone gives protection, strength and fertility. The lava strengthens the root chakra and the connection to Mother Earth.

Lavastone is born of the fire and has an intense energy. They give you strong stability in times of change and help transform anger into guidance and understanding. It is a light stone with uneven surface and all lava stones are unique.

You can drip essential oil on one or two of the lava stone beads in the chain. The stone absorbs the oil and you can carry the fragrance and benefit from the effect all day.


The clear green phrenite helps you put action behind your heart’s desires. The energy opens both the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra and is a stone that makes it easier to release the ego’s resistance and fear so that you can follow the flow of the universe and open yourself to receive the guidance and support that the universe has for you here and now.

Mala size

Mala is hand knottet with 90 Lavastone beads and 18 Phrenite beads of 8mm in diameter. The mala itself measures 109 cm. The tassel is created with thin Indian viscose thread and the guru bead a is black onyx. The mala reaches down to the navel area.