Harmony Bracelet Set – Inner Guidance


This set of three Harmony bracelets opens up your energy so you can easily hear the guidance of the angels and reinforce the contact with your own inner voice.



This set of 3 different Harmony bracelets enhances the contact for your own inner voice.

The Harmony jewelry series opens up for angelic guidance and contact for your higher self. I have selected the stones for these bracelets so that they both open your energy to the spiritual, help release fear and worries, and support spiritual growth and development.

You can wear the bracelets together or individually. The blue and green tones are great for both light pastels, denim and a black / gray style.

The stones in the Harmony Bracelet series are

  • Aquamarine (light blue tones) wash away fear and worry.
  • Angelite (clear light blue) opens to receive the energy of the angels.
  • Phrenite (light green) helps you find your very own spiritual path.
  • Amethyst (purple) is a spiritual opening and purifying stone.
  • Lavastone ensures that you stay grounded.

The black lava stones can be your very personal scent-carrier: Drip a drop of your favorite essential oil onto one or two of the lava beadss and the scent will be around you all day.

The stone beads are 6mm in diameter. The small beads are of sterling silver.
All bracelets have a strong elastic.

You can use Harmony Space Clearing spray to enhance the effect of the Harmony jewelry. In this way, you open and clear both your personal energy and the space around you.

Bracelet sizes

You can order size small, medium or large.

Small fits15-16 cm / 5.9-6.3 inches wrist (bracelet measures about 17 cm / 6.7 inches)
Medium fits 16-18 cm / 6.3-7.0 inches wrist (bracelet measures about 18.5 cm / 7.3 inches)
Large fits18-20 cm / 7.0-7.8 inches wrist (bracelet measures about 20.5 cm / 8 inches)

Please email me if you would want a different size.

Since the bracelets have elastic, they can sit tight to the arm or a little more loose. Choose a size that matches your arm, and possibly go up or down if you want a very tight or completely loose fit.

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