Happiness Space Clearing Spray

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Happiness Space Clearing Spray spreads joy, lightness, and prosperity. Choose between 50 ml and 100 ml bottle.


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Happiness Space Clearing Spray is designed to spread lightness, joy and prosperity.

Your surroundings collect and remember the energy and mood of what is happening in your rooms during the day. You can clear the room with Space Clearing spray, for example, use this Happiness blend to lift the mood and spread joy.

When spraying with Happiness Space Clearing Spray, it is a bit like polishing the windows so that the sun’s rays can flow in and fill you with both deep joy and everyday well being, so you get ready for fun and smile.

Happiness Space Clearing Spray fills the room with the scent and effect of carefully selected essential oils and crystal energy, which promotes a happy atmosphere.

Use Space Clearing Spray when you

  • Want to create a good atmosphere at home and at work.
  • Will ease emotional energies from eg quarrels, stress, worry or sadness.
  • Need to clean the air during and after illness.
  • Need help when the energy in a place feels heavy and stagnant.
  • Practice yoga and / or meditates.
  • If you feel you have taken energy from others or from the surroundings (spray around yourself).
  • Working at computer and feeling the air getting heavy and you get tired.
  • Are on vacation or other travel – in train, plane, taxi and at hotel and b & b
  • Exercises Space Clearing sessions and cleaning of rooms

Space Clearing Spray also does this:

The essential oils change the energy from positive ions to negative ions (these are the negative ions that are good for you).

  • Spreads light, joy and angels magic.
  • Spreading crystal magic.
  • Raises your energy.
  • Creates a nice atmosphere.
  • Spreads a nice scent.

More about Happiness Space Clearing spray

Happiness Space Clearing spray contains purified water, alcohol (preservation), essential oils of jasmine, orange, eucalyptus and lemongrass as well as Red Aventurine crystal.

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100 ml, 50 ml