Boho Bracelet with Turquise Howlite and Angel Pendant

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Turquoise Howlite Boho Angel Bracelet size medium, 16-17 cm wrist.

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Simple and delicious yoga bracelet with angel pendant. Unique.

The gemstones are Howlite, both the white and the turquoise colored. I have added two glitter beads in contrast to the beautiful stones, and the bracelet has been joined by a small Guardian Angel in nickel-free metal.


Howlit is a soothing stone that can relieve stress and promote patience. It can help you during meditation, as it is so perfect to create a peaceful mind.

The Howlite gemstone is white with gray drawings, and you often see a turquoise version, which is merely colored, white Howlite. The turquoise Howlite has the same effect as the white, and also works more on the throat chakra, where it helps you express yourself more freely and relaxed.

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