Custom Made Mala Prayer Beads Necklace

Unique mala design for you

A unique mala necklace is made exactly for you, so that the gemstones, the composition, and the colors, match and support your energy and your intentions

A custom mala is a daily reminder of sacred intentions. The beads and their rich colors and the stones and crystals imbued with energy help you remember your intentions, to support progress in your spiritual journey. They support physical health, offer emotional comfort, and encourage success in goals and aspirations.

Your mala beads will turn up your light, and help you choose to focus on the joy living in your heart.

It is with respect and humility that I offer these unique and personal mala designs, offering Mother Earth’s beautiful stones and crystals that help you spread joy and beauty in the world, experiencing your unique light.

Infused with your intentions

A mala necklace is so much more than just the beautiful 108 beads and knots between.

A personal mala necklace is infused with your sacred intention. It will empower your personal support committee, when you meditate, practice yoga, or immerse yourself in your sacred spiritual practice.

A daily practice does not have to take long to gain power – what matters is silence with yourself, listen inwards and give yourself a few loving moments of quiet presence. Three to five minutes daily is a great start.

Your unique personalized mala necklace is your faithful helper in your practice, a practice where you open up, fill up your cup, and listen to your soul. Your mala necklace can act as a powerful symbol, which reminds you who you are. It can be a tool, which makes you remember that unique mood and feeling of being in flow and in contact with inner source.

You may carry your mala to spiritual workshops or yoga classes. In this way, your personal mala becomes an energy carrier, and all you need to do is look at it, or touch it, and your body and soul will remember nurturing energy.

The price of a custom made mala is between € 140 and € 170 + VAT.

Price is influenced by the gemstones used in the mala.

Unakite, Tigers Eye, Bloodstone, Lavastone, Rose Quartz, Pyrite and Black Obsidian are the most common stones and are most inexpensive.

Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Mookaite, Bronzite, Rhodochrosite, Tourmaline and Clear Quartz, are examples of stones of medium price.

The most expensive stones are Moonstone, Phrenite, Blue Angelite, Lepidolite, Morganite, and Citrine.

The price of a personal 108 beads mala necklace also includes string, tassel, guru bead or other finish, and additional materials.

Please contact me at joyann(a) for questions about custom mala design