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I offer practical spiritual tools to women who want to create a simple, joyful everyday life in harmony with their inner guidance and Mother Nature’s rhythms and energies.

Joti Malas

Handmade yoga jewelry, bohemian jewelry and 108 bead malas.

Custom malas – made just for you. 

My intention with Joti Malas is to create jewelry that – in addition to adding beauty to your everyday life – will be a tool to remind you of your spiritual self every single day.

Crystals and gemstones are the main element in all jewelry and malas. Everything is handmade with loving attention and every piece of jewelry is encoded with spiritual intention.

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Space Clearing

Clearing energies and blessing spaces.

Space Clearing includes balancing the invisible energy of a place, cleansing old, heavy energy, and anchoring new, positive intentions and energies.

For example, a Space Clearing session can focus on creating space for love, well-being, intuitive openness, clear communication, lightness, abundance, safety, community, flow or joy.

I offer distance Space Clearing consultations.

Joyful Feng Shui

The energy, the atmosphere and the whole interior of your home and workplace affect you to a great extent.
So why not do what you can to make your everyday life fun, uplifting and enriching?

You can create more joy, abundance and flow in your life by being aware of the energy of your physical surroundings.

An online Feng Shui consultation focuses on an areas of the home that challenge you. We will into the balance of the 5 elements, the bagua  map and the energy flow of the area. You´ll receive clear guidance and practical ideas that you can implement in your home.

About Joyful Living

I speak from and meet you from my inner, deepest truth and I can embrace all of you.

The essence of my work is to open the way to wholeness, peace, joy and flow. Everything is connected – body, thoughts, feelings and home – and we can work into a challenge from several sides.

I am rooted in the understanding of wholeness, of everything’s connectedness and in the awareness that we are here to make a difference – just by being US –  and we each have a responsibility for the whole.

My foundation is the contact with nature, with the natural rhythms and connections and the cooperation with the wisdom of Mother Earth and all her beautiful creations. 



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The Space Clearing process gave me back the lilies

The Space Clearing process gave me back the lilies

This post is about a Space Clearing process at Anette and Alex on Funen Island, Denmark. Read about the choice of method, preparations for Space Clearing, the actual Clearing process and Anette's experience during the actual Clearing process. Last week I was contacted...