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How to Create Your Own Sage Smudge Sticks – Video Guide

Do you know what Sage Smudge Sticks - or Sage Bundles -  are? And do you want to create your own Smudge Sticks? Smudge sticks are dried herbs that are bundled to create an easy way to light your sage and create cleansing smoke. You can use different herbs...

Create Your Own Peaceful Corner In Your Home

Your home is the place you relax and fill up your well. Ideally. You can start by creating a peaceful corner. Probably there are also many things that you need to take care of when you are home. If you, like many, have a busy weekday with jobs, children and leisure...

Abundance Spring Flower Mandala Creation

Today, I feel a creative inspiration to create an Abundance Flower Mandala in my garden. It is mid-May. It´s a perfect Flower Mandala day. It has been hot, very hot indeed, for several weeks. Summer has come really early in Denmark this year. My garden has many...

Do You Feel the Circles of Life?

Circles of life or the line of life? You are born. You grow up. You're studying, you get a job, get a family, get children and settle down. You retire, you die..... This is life in its linear form, the way we have learned that it is, and the way we think about it...

Magical Malas and Intention Bracelets

Hand made with love by Joyann Nielsen and infused with light and healing by Mother Nature