Create balance and high energy in your life

When you create good energy in your home, it will affect your life in a positive direction.

Imbalances in the energy of your home make it difficult for you and your family to achieve your personal desires. Disharmonic energy, clutter and energetic imprints from past occupants make the road to renewals, changes and personal development unnecessarily long.

I help you transform your home into your sanctuary through:

  • Clutter clearing and organization of your entire home or individual rooms.
  • Feng Shui balance between the natural elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. 
  • Feng Shui and personal development through the wisdom of the bagua map and the 9 life areas. 
  • Energy Clearing of the property.
  • Space Clearing process with focus on clearing out the old and installing a new, positive foundation for manifesting your intentions. 


Space Clearing deals with the invisible energies

Space Clearing is a process where we work with the invisible, but very noticeable and real, energy in and around the home.

A Space Clearing consultation cleanses and harmonizes the energy on many levels, and can be truly transformative and supportive of the manifestation of your intentions and desires.

Feng Shui is so much more than fancy interior design.

The wisdom behind Feng Shui and the energy we work with provides information on how your life is reflected in your home and how you are affected by your surroundings.

My Feng Shui metod is called Joyful Feng Shui.

When I offer Feng Shui consultations and workshops my focus is to show you the way to how to set up your home so your home supports you to become the best version of yourself.

God energi i din hverdag med Feng Shui og Space Clearing