Circles of life or the line of life?

You are born. You grow up. You’re studying, you get a job, get a family, get children and settle down. You retire, you die…..

This is life in its linear form, the way we have learned that it is, and the way we think about it automatically.

Life is a line starting at A and ending at B. (Not that flexible, creative, spiritual or fun).

I experience life as a circle. A process where we constantly move and come back to the same places, but at a new level. This forms a spiral, the spiral of life.

Nature is rhythmic, the body has rhythms, life is rhythmic.

I feel that much of the stress we experience in our busy society arises because we forget to honor our rhythms. We must constantly perform, constantly be on top of things, constantly adapt, learn, act, move, perform.

The social media reinforce that feeling of never being able to let go, load our batteries, be inverted and be present with ourselves, as we are, here and now.

Our society expects us to be really active in the wintertime. This is the time of the year where nature rests and where the body needs extra sleep, where the mind should relax and where our soul should turn inwards to bring new energy to the upcoming cycle.

Circles of life – your rhythmic life

You can begin to listen to your rhythms and circles of life by becoming more aware of your body and it´s rythms and by connecting yourself with the natural rhythms of nature that are easiest to spot in everyday life.

Moon’s circular movement from new moon, growing moon, full moon and decreasing moon is one of the simple guides that nature gives us.

At new moon we sow new seeds and turn inwards, listen. The new seeds grow towards the full moon, where it all lights up and emerges. Time is then for integration and adjustment, you turn your attention back to your inner guidance, quietly.

This year’s rhythm is also a circle. In our culture, the year starts a random day in the middle of winter, matching the calendar. This characterizes the social structure we come from, where nature was suppressed and our ego dominated.

Now it’s time to listen to the circle of life, to the rhythms of the body, to our natural connection with Mother Earth.

in my experience, the year’s circle begins at spring equinox, where the light grows (in the northern hemisphere). At this time of the year Mother Earth raises her power and everything rises upward, the grass grows with super speed, it is time to sow our seeds and water them and the animals get kids, the birds breed and revive life.

Spring is the time for new initiatives, ideas, growth, inspiration and action.

After summer solstice, the energy turns and nature enters a new phase. The plants grow slower, they grow strong, and full of power and richness. The animals enjoy the heat and relax, and the new generation of animals grow up.

The summer is where our projects grow big and strong and bear fruit.

At the autumn equinox the energy turns inwards. Now nature is pulling the energy in to the ground, plants stop growing and we harvest supplies for the winter. There is a crispness in the air, a clarity of energy and a calmness in the soul.

Autumn is where we harvest the fruits, sort them and only store what has the strength to survive and that gives us what is nurturing us.

Winter starts at winter solstice d. 21/12. Now nature is ready to rest. She saves energy and draws all the juice and power into the deep dark earth. The snow puts a protective layer over the plants and gives shelter to the animals, the frost prepares the ground for the new cycle in the spring.

In the wintertime we can turn inwards, enjoy the darkness and contact the inner corners of the mind, we turn to the soul and find out what seeds we want to sow the coming spring.

Notice your own life circles

You are a part of Mother Nature. The circles of life are deeply connected to your body, which comes from the earth, your energy is connected with the rhythms of life, circles of life.

There is so much wisdom, joy, calm and depth associated with following and honoring the rhythms of life.

I invite you to listen, deeper. Allow your life to be rhythmic, noting that your body changes with the moon and the seasons.

You can make a circle in your garden or in your home that reminds you of circles of life.

It’s about remembering to get used to thinking about circles so you can move away from the linear mindset and begin to honor your natural, rhythmical and circular energy.