Distance Space Clearing Consultations

I offer two different distant space clearing processes.

The Co-Creative Clearing Process is a very effective energy clearing of the land and the home. This clearing is perfect when you want to clear the land from dense energies, old traumas, non-supportive earth energies and any leftovers from people who has lived on the land.

The Elemental Space Clearing® process focuses on the energy in the home and has a more personal focus. We will dig deeper and set a clear intention for the future energi in the home and I´ll create a personal Space Clearing altar to support and enhance the Space Clearing process.

Co-Creative Clearing Process

Energy Clearing of land and home. 

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Elemental Space Clearing

Elemental Space Clearing process® in the home.

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Co-Creative Clearing Process

This Space Clearing is perfect when you need a general clearing of the energy of the house or apartment.

The Co-creative Clearing process restores the balance of the entire property. The clearing will remove and transmute old, unwanted programs, energies, and other unwanted heavy, dense energies.

The clearing process will supply the property with light, love and good energy in co-operation with the nature spirits. 

Before the actual Energy Clearing we meet on Skype for a 30 minutes talk. I´ll ask you questions about the place, that I´m going to work with and  you´ll share what challenges you are facing and what´s going on in and around the home or business. 

I need a physical address and 3-5 photos of the building and the structure of the land. We agree what to send and how, when we meet on Skype. 

The actual Energy Clearing Et fredfyldt sted i mit hjem

We agree on a time for energy clearing. You do not have to be at home, but it is fine if you are aware that the clearing is taking place. 

You don´t have to clutter clear and clean the house before an energy clearing. But you can choose to do it, if it feels right. 

Before the clearing I choose the essential oils, crystals and other tools that can best support this particular clearing.

I tune in to the building and the entire land that you own, or the apartement building. The process removes old programs on the land and, through contact with the natural energies, initiates a deep balance.

I ask Spirit to remove non-supportive energies from old on-site events, clear earth energy, and open a new channel of healing energy from heaven and earth, which will cleanse and balance the entire place in the future.

The home is cleansed with the help of the selected tools, and in tune with Spirit. Finally, the process is sealed so that the new positive programs remain after the clearing. The clearing process takes 1- 1 1/2 hours.

After the Energy Clearing

After the Space Clearing process, I send you my notes of what I experienced during the clearing. Sometimes I receive ideas, insights and tips on how to optimize the energy on the house and land by simple actions.

You can choose to receive a personal Space Clearing spray specially made for you, if you pay an additional shipping fee (outside Denmark).


Energy Clearing of private homes: USD 210 / EUR 190 / DKK 1400 + VAT (EU citizens).

Small business owner? Contact me for price. 

Joyann energetically from a distance cleansed my home. From old energy from past landlords and tenants throughout may years, as well as she removed a curse from the old monastery that used to be here, hundreds of years ago.

And what a relief. Being in my new home now feels lighter, more free and lively in a good way. My home feels more relaxed and even with a more loving atmosphere, because Joyann placed Mother Mary and her essence around my home.

I´ve been out more, feeling a bigger urge to change my self and my life, while also taking action on little things – I AM GRATEFUL.

It feels as if several angels or supermen (superwomen he he) has lifted a ton of heavy energy from me AND from the home.

Kataliya Kirkegaard

Love Shaman & Alchemist, Intuitive Mentor

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Elemental Space Clearing ®

Distance Consultation

Preparation for your Space Clearing Consultation

A distance Space Clearing consultation in homes and small businesses consists of three steps:

  • Skype consultation
  • Preparation
  • Space Clearing process
  • Preservation

Initial Skype meeting before the Space Clearing consultation

The purpose of the initial meeting is to get clear about why you want the clearing and what your challenges are, in you life, in you family life and in your home. We will look at  where you are now and what I can help you manifest through this Space Clearing process.

I need a physical address and a floor plan drawing of the home before the clearing. A hand drawn floor plan is perfect and you don´t have to be exact about measures. Just draw your home as you remember it.  We agree what to send and how, when we meet on Skype (Snail Mail is the best, I´d love to receive something that you actually touched and created.)

The conversation lasts approx. 30 minutes.

The Space Clearing altar

After the initial talk, and after I receive your drawing, I collect the tools that will be most helpful to this particular clearing. I prepare your Space Clearing altar, which can consist of crystals, flowers, shapes, things from nature, lights and whatever else calls to be included.

I select the individual colors, shapes and energies for your Space Clearing altar, that will support your intentions and desires.

The Space Clearing process will cleanse, clear and renew the energy throughout your home. It will at the same time anchor the energy you need most in your life. For example, you may want more love, peace, joy of life, spirituality, abundance, or health.

The Space Clearing process

You don´t have to be present in the house during the Space Clearing, but if you are, you can tune in and help open the process by being aware that the clearing is happening. 

It is really fine if you have cleaned the house and cleared some clutter before the Space Clearing. The better you are prepared, the deeper the process will be. 

If you have clutter challenges or generally feel you are stuck or can’t overlook a more thorough clean-up, a Space Clearing may well be what it takes to get started. So, don´t worry about clutter if it feels overwhelming. Just receive the clearing.Space Clearing konsultation i private hjem

Focus on challenges and setting intentions

The Space Clearing process will loosen stuck energy and add new programs to the energy of your home,  that focuses on your positive intentions. 

In a distance session I use my Space Clearing tools, as I sit by your personal Space Clearing altar. The tools can e.g. be essential oils, drums, singing bowls, bells, feathers and other things from nature.

I work my way around the rooms in the house, following your floor plan drawing, just as I would if I was physically present in your home. 

I often receive ideas and insights in relation to Feng Shui, clutter clearing or practical use of individual rooms. I will deliver those insights to you after the clearing. 

After the Space Clearing, you will receive a beautiful photo of your Space Clearing altar, which you can print out and hang up at home to further anchor the new intentions.

You can choose to receive a bottle of Space Clearing spray specially formulated for you if you pay an additional shipping fee (free shipping in Denmark).

The actual Elemental Space Clearing process takes about 2 hours. In addition, I spend 2-3 hours preparing and finishing the session.

Pris på  Space Clearing konsultation

Distance Elemental Space Clearing consultation costs USD 415 / EUR 370 / DKK 2750 + VAT (EU citizens).

The price applies to homes up to approx. 200 m2 – or up to 8 rooms, to be cleared.
For larger homes, businesses and building sites, the price is agreed individually.

Note: Space Clearing with this method is NOT removal of deceased spirits. There are usually many other causes of dense energy than the presence of spirits and the deceased.

Space Clearing your home – fresh energy in all nooks and crannies ♥

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