Do You Want More Energy, Clarity, Flow, Joy and Abundance in Your Life?

Clutter Clearing is an effective tool when it comes to reducing of what we do not want and create more of what we really dream of in our lives. And I am not just talking about physical stuff, but also about feelings, experiences, circumstances and thoughts.

You can use affirmations and visualization, mindfulness, therapeutic tools, yoga, bodywork, psychology and energy therapy. The list is of tools for personal and spiritual development is long and all methods are amazing when we use them with intention and consistency.

But old-fashioned physical clutter clearing is a very fundamental process, which many overlook in a personal development process. In this post, I focus on something as practical and everyday-ish as clearing your clutter.

Clutter can hold on to old, stuck energy. The stuff we hide and forget about in corners, basements, drawers and forgotten nooks actually creates heavy, stuck energy in our life. Clutter can make your journey towards ease, flow, joy and abundance unnecessarily long and heavy.

Conscious Clutter Clearing creates Magical Transformations in your life

Clutter Clearing will create ease, flow and joy in your life

Superficial Clutter or Energy Blocking Clutter?

Now you may think that our home is clean and organized and looks good, so is Clutter Clearing really something you can benefit from?

It’s of course always a good practice to keep the surface nice and clean,  making it comfortable and inviting to be at your place.

But it is not the superficial  clutter (or lack of the same) that drains your energy.

Or you may be one of the energetic people who always have creative projects, and therefore often have a lot of stuff all ower the place in the creative process.

It isn´t this kind of project-clutter that drains the energy either. Unless you always have your project items lying around and forget to clean up when your project is done, or sometimes along the way.

The Deep and Hidden Clutter

Try to visualize you home, walk around the rooms, look down in the drawers, or under the bed, in the kitchen cabinets, in the wardrobe, in the hallway, in the workshop, in the car. Most people have some hidden corners where the clutter can hide, build up and sneak away from the usual daily or weekly cleaning.

It’s that kind of clutter I am talking about.

The stuff that collects dust in the places you never really see. The places in your home where the stuff live that you actually do not use, like or have a loving relationship with.

Removing the forgotten and overlooked  clutter releases a lot of stuck, stagnant energy in your life.

Clutter Clearing the storage room

Du You Feel Overwhelmed by Clutter?

Clutter Clearing takes time. But it also gives you a big bonus. It’s something you can choose to do to feel better and more energized by letting go of some old energy.

You can remove clutter to move on in your life. Clearing clutter helps you to let go of something you no longer need in your life, in your thoughts, in your body or in your feelings.  Everything is connected.  The things you have around you reflect something you carry inside yourself.

Therefore, the deeper clutter clearing can often seem unmanageable and we are having trouble getting started.

It normal to feel overwhelmed and even physically uncomfortable when clearing your clutter.  Emotions may  arise like sadness, anger or anxiety, just by approaching the cluttered area.

If you feel overwhelmed by your clutter or when it feels impossible to get started, you can start with very small steps.

You can make the cCutter Clearing process easier in two ways:

  1.  Decide to Clutter Clear for 5-10 minutes at a time at the start. Set the timer on your phone and stop after your set time.
  2. Decide to Clutter Clear on a smaller area like a drawer, a shelf, a box, or a part of a room. Stop when you are through the area.

If you feel heavy or loose your flow  in the process, take a break, go out into the fresh air and breathe deeply. Then return to the Clutter Clearing project with renewed energy.

Clutter Clearing the drawers

The Three Holy Clutter Clearing Questions

When you clear your Energy Blocking Clutter, you can organize the things into three stacks:

1. Things you use in your everyday life

2. Things you really love, that has an emotional value, even if you do not use it

3. Things you do not use or love

The things you use, you keep. Get them organized so it’s easy to find it when you need it.

You can choose to keep the things with emotional value if you want. Sometimes you can also choose to let go of something, even though there are feelings associated with it. Consider whether the thing has current, contemporary value, or if you hold on to feelings from the past.

Let go of all things you do not use or love. You can either throw them away (if it’s broken and can not be used by others), give it to recycling or charity or sell it.

Clutter Clearing the kitchen

Are You Ready to Clear Some Clutter?

I can almost guarantee that you will get more energy and flow when you clear out your forgotten corners.

I think that Clutter Clearing is one of the most beautiful processes, and I also know from experience that there is ALWAYS something somewhere that needs to be reviewed and cleared. It could be the kitchen drawer with the things I do not use so often, the box in the bathroom, the desk or the sock drawer.

When I feel unclear, a bit tired or just can not get started with my day, it always helps to do a bit of Clutter Clearing.

Clutter Clearing lifts the energy of the room and lightens up my spirit.

I wish you a wonderful Clutter Clearing process and may you experience flow, joy, clarity and abundance in your life.