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On this page I share my story, my passions and my professional skills.

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Joyann Nielsen

About Joyann Nielsen

As a child I always felt different, not really fitting in anywhere.

This feeling is changing now, – these times are what I was waiting for.

Now the world is awakening to this new energy that I was missing in the beginning, and I feel at home, at peace and at the right place at the right time, doing what I came here to do.

I always felt that my mission here was helping the transformation the better, kinder, more loving world that is about to manifest on our beautiful Mother Earth.

Animals, nature and creativity

In school I was the lonely kid, I only had a few friends and my passions were animals, nature and creative projects.

I always loved photography, inspired by my dad who had a darkroom in the basement where I loved to sit and watch the process when he turned his negatives into real photographs on paper.

I spend my summers by the ocean, or more exact, IN the ocean, swimming and free style diving was my greatest joy. I am a true child of nature, always outside, climbing trees, riding my bike and taking in all the beauty around me.

Early spiritual awakening

Since my early 20´s I have been engaged in personal and spiritual growth.

I had my first spiritual awakening during an Osho meditation in 1984, and this experience jumpstarted a year-long search for my spiritual self and the deeper meaning of my life. From then on I devoted my life to following my intuition and inner guidance, removing the roadblocks as they appeared.

The urge to find joy and meaning in my life my life  was motivated by the fact that I became a single mother in 1984, at age 21.

I just had to wake up and grow, to be able to be present with my son and give him a good childhood, being a fatherless kid with a young, uneducated mother without any real (normal) direction in life.

This took me through an array of courses and trainings, from bodywork and massage, to different healing techniques, crystal therapy, art therapy and – you name it, I was there 😉

I am too positive to be doubtful

Healing Birth and finding life

My deepest and most transforming process was the Healing Birth Rebirthing and Source Breathwork training with Binnie A. Dansby. This was back in 1992-97.

After my rebirthing years I was ready to settle down. I met my husband in 1994 and we wanted to raise a family and bought an old danish farmhouse in 1998, after our first son was born. This house is the place I still call home.

We have done a LOT of work on the house and the big garden all these years.

Feng Shui and Space Clearing

Owning a property that obviously needed lots of creative solutions awakened a new passion for Feng Shui and Space Clearing, and for gardening, growing my own veggies, fruit, berries and flowers.

I took a Feng Shui education and opened my business, Joyful Living.  For many years I have travelled the danish roads as a Feng Shui consultant, helping families to redecorate their homes and create good Feng Shui (good energy) in their lives.


Home of website angel Joyann Nielsen

Web Design

As a spiritual entrepreneur learning Web Design and online business management became a very helpful skill. I have a natural passion for creating beauty, and an intuitive sense for computers, and after creating my own website I started creating WordPress sites for others, and this became a web design business for some years.


I have been a passionate photographer since childhood, inspired my my dad who was a skilled amateur photographer. I love to catch the beauty of life, the colors of flowers, the beautiful designs of Mother Nature and the spirit in people,

Beauty of nature - Joyful Living

Crystals, gemstones and Spiritual Jewelry

Another old passion of mine is working with crystals and gemstones.

It´s one of these things I just can´t keep my eyes and hands off, and this has developed into a passion for creating beautiful pieces as a way to wear your crystals and gemstones daily in a beautiful way.

I just love the quiet hours with crystal beads, thread and metals, transforming small beads into beautiful malas, bracelets and other energy-filled and mantra-healed jewelry that will enlighten the life of those wearing it.

I named my jewelry Joti Malas. 

Beauty of nature - Joyful Living

Spirituality and Healing Education and Training:

  • Work Your Light course and community, Rebecca Campbell UK  2016/18
  • Elemental Space Clearing®, Denise Linn USA, 2018
  • Divine Living Academy Coaching Certification & Business Training, Gina DeVee, USA 2016
  • Soul Body Fusion® practitioner, Denmark 2011
  • Energy & Essence Practitioner, Niia Jemina Bloch, Denmark 2010/11
  • Business millionairess Blueprint by Christine Eilvig and Kirsten Stendevad, Denmark, 2009
  • ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy, Signe Fjord, Denmark 2007
  • Space Clearing,  Christan Hummel, USA (online)
  • Space Clearing at Joey Korn, USA, 2007
  • Feng Shui, Lillian Garnier Bridges, UK 2005
  • Neo Feng Shui, Neo Feng Shui Academy, Denmark 2003
  • Source breathwork, Binnie A. Dansby, USA/Denmark 1993 -97
  • Heartworks Massage & Bodywork, Sherman Dudoit, Hawaii, 1993-94
  • Ma-Uri massage with Hemi Fox, New Zealand, 1990-91
  • Kinesiology at Annie Bejart, Denmark, 1991
  • Reflexology, Health School, Denmark 1988
Joyann Nielsen Web Designer and Website Angel

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My other passions

My free time is spend in the garden and in the house, I love to grow my own food, to weed, plant and see it grow, and I am totally into healthy food, making everything from scratch and basically eating a natural diet with fresh fruit, berries, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds as the main ingredients.


Yoga has been a part of my everyday life since I was young. My daily yoga and meditation practice is invaluable, I couldn´t do what I do without the hours on my yogamat.

My spiritual name is Joti Bhajan Kaur. The graceful Lioness who shines with God´s Light as her heart connects to Her inner divine song.

My closest family

I have been sharing life with my dear husband, Torben, since 1994. Torben is a musician with an angelic soul, playing his saxophone or the piano makes everybody feel uplifted and touched by grace. Torben is also a skilled handyman, and he is laying floors, changing windows, building walls, fixing the roof and digging the garden.

I have have tree sons , Jonas, born in 1982, Thomas, born in 1997 and Robert, born in 1999. They are all grown up now and has left the nest.

Joyann Nielsen - my boys