I feel it’s time to go a little deeper with my connection to the silent wisdom that is in nature. Mother Earth is talking to us all the time, it’s just a matter of tuning in and listening if we want to be a part of the wisdom.

My garden is quite big, 3500 m2, and it has both wild areas of trees and “weeds” and cultivated areas where we keep it relatively weed-free and open. It’s the perfect place to listen to wisdom and receive energy, healing, messages, whatever it’s coming.

Active listening to Mother Earth

I tune in to Mother Earth and the magic of the garden with an active listening where I choose a place in nature, tune in and ask a question.

When I’m ready and feeling peaceful, connected with Mother Earth and present, I let my feet and my heart lead the way to a place where there is a message, a whisper, a sacred song.

New Beginnings - Whispers from Mother Earth

First message from Mother Earth

The big birch tree in the back yard called me, and it will be my meditation and grounding spot as a starting point for my listening adventures. Ever since I came to the garden for the first time – 20 years ago – this tree has been a special place for me. This is where I catch the sun the first spring days and this is where I harvest the delicious autumn Raspberries.

New Beginnings - Whispers from Mother Earth

It takes a while before I feel centered. Barefeet, deep breathing, forehead and hands on the trunk of my tree, I bring myself present by feeling all of my senses. I listen to the birds and the wind in the trees. I inhale the the powerful scent of soil, wood and flowers after the rain. I feel my feet against the ground.

When I feel ready, I just start walking. The energy is leading me around the raspberry bushes and past the high Arrow, through the woods of the small Aspen trees, right to the eastern corner of the garden.

The message from the Angel in the East

I hear and feel the message soft and clear.

“New Beginnings
Center yourself – attend
Surrounded by light
Take the next step

♥ The Angel in the East

New Beginnings - Whispers from Mother Earth

That makes sense, thank you

This whisper gives complete meaning to me, right now.

During the summer I have taken a deep decision to take my life in a new direction, walk a new path. Or, in fact, it’s an old road that I have come back to, but in a new place.

That means I have chosen to say no thanks to income where I would have to force myself to sit still at a computer many hours a day and work on things that I no longer enjoy.

It’s a road that resonates deep in my soul and, as I’m really, really happy to be back on. At the same time it is a process that takes time and where I have to take one step at a time, and constantly choose to listen, choose the confidence that the visions and ideas I have can also bear fruit.

Thank you to the great, bright angel that shines her light upon us in the east.