A life of abundance is a life in which you fully believe and realize that YOU ARE a child of nature, YOU ARE God’s child and that all you want and seek is already here for you.

Of course this life is also for you.

From the child’s perspective, it may seem that others thought to know what was best for you.

They might hav told you:

What to eat.

What clothes you should go in.

What you should think.

How to shop.

How to behave.

What you should fill your life with.

This was NOT THE TRUTH, not YOUR truth.

Actually, the process of getting – creating – manifesting what you want is quite simple.

A thought, an idea, a desire to create something arises in your mind.

You water it, it grows and unfolds.

It transforms and thrives, and you feel the joy of creating.

Like nature, like the trees and the flowers and the animals.

The flower does not ask for permission before it opens and opens its beauty to the world.

Nor does it expect anyone to come by to admire it.

The flower just unfolds and radiates with its beauty.

You are the flower.

You are connected to the nourishment of Mother Earth, with the light of heaven, with the wind, the water, the sun, the moon, the day, the night and the seasons.

This is abundance.

This is the beauty of life ..

This is where the joy, ease and light are found.

You are.
You create.
You give.
You receive.

You live.

Abundance is completely natural.